Making your systems work better, together.

It’s a basic mechanical principle: a system will perform better as a whole when its components are optimized to work with each other. CSI Electrical Contractors can bring new efficiencies to your operations through our Systems Integration practice. We have the expertise and resources to integrate and optimize
a multitude of components in your business to extract superior performance and lower energy costs.
We can help you with:

  • Security systems: We can integrate disparate systems, such as IP cameras and access control,
    to create a more cohesive security environment that’s easier to use.
  • Data center planning and operations: Your data center keeps growing with new servers, storage devices and network gear. How do they impact your power infrastructure and consumption? CSI can analyze the power consumption implications of new strategies you may be considering, such as replacing large server clusters with fewer servers running virtual machines (VMs).

The possibilities and potential benefits are endless.

CSI Electric, electrical systems integration