Keeping your solar energy system at its peak.

The goal of every solar power installation is to deliver reliable, long-term peak energy production-- a goal that is difficult to accomplish without comprehensive routine maintenance. Whether your organization is a large power purchase provider looking for maximum efficiency and production, or a commercial customer needing to maintain or repair solar system components, CSI’s Solar Energy Operation & Maintenance (O&M) group has the experience, technical expertise and qualified personnel to fill your needs.

With over 160 gigawatt hours of production systems in our portfolio, CSI is the go-to solar O&M and service provider for California’s energy industry. CSI has the technical knowledge and expertise to fully maintain virtually any solar energy system. From module cleaning, to certified thermographic scanning, to full system commissioning, we deliver.

To help ensure maximum uptime, CSI offers active performance monitoring, as well as 24/7 service call availability, to ensure consistent system output and productivity. We tailor our service programs to fit site, system and client requirements. Additionally, CSI provides all necessary documentation related to required maintenance of major equipment, ensuring no warranty compliance issues.

A Partial List of CSI Solar Energy O&M Customers

  • Chevron
  • Bass
  • Duke Energy
  • Recurrent Energy
  • Southern California Edison 
  • Glendale Water and Power
  • College campuses across the West
  • Keyes European

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