New solar solutions with a rich heritage.

First and foremost, we are constructors with more than 25 years’ experience. Rated as one of the top  solar contractors in America∗, CSI Electrical Contractors brings deep expertise in the design and construction of energy projects, including the design, installation and maintenance of solar energy solutions. CSI’s consultative style and integrated approach are enhanced by highest levels of service and professionalism -- from a firm you can count on to remain in business, far into the future.

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Turnkey, customized solar solutions

Working with our partners and directly with building and facility owners we provide complete, turnkey solar solutions. We approach each project with a custom solution tailored to meet unique challenges. Our team of in-house stamping engineers allows design and construction to be seamlessly integrated, assuring end-to-end quality, cost control and accountability.

Maximizing the financial benefits of solar energy

In conjunction with our financial partners, CSI is able to offer “zero-cost up-front” solar energy solutions that are cash flow positive from day one. Power purchase agreements (PPAs), operating leases and tax leases are just a few of the ways we help create the best financial arrangement for our customers. All of our solar solutions are designed to allow customers to buy or generate electricity for less than the utility rates while avoiding up-front capital investment.

Solar and fuel cells: A powerful combination

The combination of solar power and fuel cells, with the natural gas output from the fuel cells used to heat water, can be a highly attractive renewable energy solution. These technologies complement each other in the several important ways:

  • Solar produces energy during peak demand periods, while fuel cells produce natural gas 24/7, reducing peak and kilowatt-hour costs.
  • Fuel cells can provide peak demand “back up” for solar, helping to ensure consistent power metering that reflects the maximum contribution of your solar installation, rain or shine.
  • Fuel cells can run in “off grid” mode as a cost effective power backup alternative to battery backup in the event of a power outage.
  • The rebates for these energy-producing technologies are sourced separately, allowing your organization to derive the maximum benefit from both solar energy production (1 megawatt) and fuel cell energy production (3 megawatts).
  • The installation of fuel cells and solar panels can maximize the energy production from available space, since a fuel cell can be installed indoors or outdoors. A fuel cell complements the solar installation, producing the same power from a storage size container (234 sq. ft. x 10’H) as the solar panels on a 200,000 sq. ft. roof.

CSI offers deep expertise in all aspects of solar and fuel cell energy solutions, their interaction with each other, and other energy systems.


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