Patrick Draper

CSI Leadership Team

Andy Klein
VP NorCal Operations
Bill Macnider
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Corder
Vice President
Gene Acosta
VP of Energy Solutions
George Bone
VP Safety/Risk Management
Patrick Draper
VP of Project Development
Paul Pica
President & COO
Steve Watts
Chief Executive Officer

"The marketplace for construction and design services has changed tremendously over the past decade. Healthcare facility design and construction has experienced some of the largest fluctuation in cost and risk in the industry – Building Information Modeling was in the industry’s infancy stage when we started work with Pat. His team worked to develop libraries of virtual electrical systems needed for our complex coordination. Whereby, establishing cost effective solutions for the systems installations at the Cottage Hospital project."

Randy Burns
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


Patrick Draper - VP of Project Development

Patrick Draper began his career as a professional electrician in 1978, wiring apartment buildings in the Pacific Northwest. He then was accepted into his local’s commercial program, progressing to the rank of superintendent. More recently, Patrick was Group President and Director of Preconstruction for one of the nation’s largest privately held electrical contractors.

Patrick joined CSI in 2012. He is responsible for broadening the company’s customer base into new industries, and increasing CSI’s penetration in existing core segments. Patrick’s diversified background and broad construction experience, combined with a large professional network, provide a solid base for growth.

Patrick and his wife spend their spare time competing in specialty dog shows around the country with their German Shepherds.