Gene Acosta

CSI Leadership Team

Andy Klein
VP NorCal Operations
Chris Corder
Vice President
Gene Acosta
VP of Energy Solutions
George Bone
VP Safety/Risk Management
Patrick Draper
VP of Project Development
Paul Pica
President & COO
Rick Yauney
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Watts
Chief Executive Officer

“Our customers come to CSI as partners, looking for a better answer.
I enjoy working for a company with a reputation for delivering the best to our customers.”


Gene Acosta - VP of Energy Solutions

Electricians are often called “the doctors of the construction industry” because of the intense level of problem-solving the trade entails. For Gene Acosta, this combination of critical thinking and hands-on work has been the perfect foundation for a successful 20-year career. He joined CSI in 2004 and has served in a variety of roles.

As Vice President of CSI’s Energy Solutions group, Gene has been instrumental in transforming solar energy from a small-scale consumer solution into a commercially viable option. He has applied deep analytic and engineering skills to help CSI’s customers integrate solar into complex, highly regulated commercial electrical systems. Gene also helps these customers navigate the complexities of associated tax credits and rebates.

After work and on the weekends, Gene is a “softball dad,” coaching and supporting his daughters’ participation in recreational and competitive play.