Chris Corder

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Chris Corder
Vice President
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Chief Executive Officer
Troy Carlton
President ‑ NorCal Region

“I understand both sides of the project equation: what it costs, and the hours required to do a job well. Most important, I know what that equation translates into: customer value.”


Chris Corder - Vice President

As head of field operations, Chris Corder is an important link between CSI’s leadership team and the company’s people in the field. He orchestrates workforce resources across hundreds of projects, bringing together field operations, project management, safety, warehouse operations and purchasing teams to ensure a smooth flow.

Prior to this role, Chris was CSI’s head of construction. He joined CSI in 1998 and, after demonstrating talent for construction and project management in the field, Chris rose through the ranks and transitioned to a management role. Here, his focus shifted to include team management and solving the inevitable challenges that arise in high-stakes, high-profile electrical construction projects.

When not on the job, Chris and his wife spend what seems like most of their time driving their three children to sporting practices and events, cheering enthusiastically from the stands.