Finding the very best solutions to meet your needs.

Over one gigawatt of generating facilities designed and installed, CSI Electrical Constractors is an industry leader in energy project development and installation. We recognize that today, unlike decades past, business owners can use their energy systems to generate positive cash flow and mitigate business risk.

CSI’s Energy group will analyze your company’s energy profile and develop a solution that best fits your needs. We consider factors including:

  • Consumption patterns
  • Economic investment criteria
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Corporate philosophy

and carefully create a recommendation based upon your criteria. CSI’s energy solutions can comprise any combination of:

  • Solar Electric (Photovoltaic System)
  • Co-Generation (Natural Gas)
  • Fuel Cell
  • Geothermal
  • Remaining with a utility-powered system

CSI delivers turnkey solutions that assure end-to-end quality and accountability. We handle all design and engineering, construction, and system monitoring and maintenance. These solutions are backed with CSI’s decades-strong reputation for standing by our work, and our customers’ needs, no matter what.

Spotlight on business benefits

CSI can help your organization to use renewable and/or alternative energy to generate cash flow, and reduce operational costs and risk. We have the expertise to deliver:

  • Renewable energy projects that are financially sustainable: The convergence of decreasing costs of solar panels, high rebates and escalating utility rates presents an unusual opportunity to profitably choose solar.
  • Solar+fuel cell=Fast Return on Energy (ROE): If you evaluated solar or fuel cells in the past, it’s time take a second look at this powerful combination of renewable energy sources. Today’s rebates, tax credits and depreciation will pay for a substantial portion of these combined system. Lease options are available, enabling flat, predictable lower cost  power for 20+ years. 
  • Superior risk management: The cost of electricity is only doing one way: up. A sustainable energy strategy will allow your company to lock in lower effective rates on future energy consumption, reducing costs and protecting you from unpredictable price spikes.

Preserving capital and achieving immediate positive cash flow

CSI understands that controlling capital expenditures is critical. For this reason, CSI and our financing partners have devised approaches that avoid up-front capital costs while lowering operating expenses from day one. We assist our customers with options such as PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), and both capital and operating leases.

CSI also ensures that our customers receive the various energy-related rebates and incentives they are eligible for. Our project development team, working with utilities and local authorities, has created thorough, seamless processes to make sure every refund and incentive is captured.