Powering a data-driven world.

With power density on the rise, people and organizations generate and store a staggering amount of data every day. Data centers are being built and refurbished at a furious pace with a goal of packing more compute power and storage into less and less space making proper power essential.

CSI Electrical Contractors works closely with clients on data center projects to provide the critical power they need. Whether you are planning a new data center or are wringing more capacity out of current facilities, CSI offers a full range of capabilities:

  • Strategic planning to determine options to best provide power, minimize consumption and create required redundancy.
  • Designing data center electrical systems to be as efficient as possible.
  • Applying green and alternative energy solutions to reduce consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Ensuring ample capacity while maintaining compliance with a growing amount of regulations.

Your IT investments are only as productive as the electrical infrastructure that powers them -- which is why many of the
nation’s top data and communications centers rely on CSI.

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