Growing Services State-Wide

CSI Electrical Contractors Expands Award-Winning Services to Northern California

As the premier electrical contractor with a 23 year stronghold in the Southern California market, CSI Electrical Contractors has recently opened its latest office in San Jose, CA.  For more than 23 years CSI Electrical Contractor has worked with the largest commercial constructors in the nation and provided electrical engineering, pre-fabrication, structured cabling, system integration, alternative energy and critical power to hundreds of projects across the country.  Based on CSI’s growing success, it was time to open a third office to better serve our Northern California clients adding to our two other Southern California offices.

“Due to our long standing client relationships and comprehensive electric, technology and energy solutions, we are off to a great start,” said Craig Epperly, Regional Vice President. “ Our San Jose team is made up of seasoned experts whom pride themselves on providing quality solutions, on time and on budget. “

The newly opened San Jose office is the hub for CSI’s Mission Critical team lead by Andy Klein and Mike Mortl.  With power density on the rise, people and organizations generate and store a staggering amount of data every day. Data centers are being built and refurbished at a furious pace, with a goal of packing more compute power and storage into less and less space.

CSI Electrical Contractors works closely with clients on data center projects, providing the critical power they need. Whether you are planning a new data center or are wringing more capacity out of current facilities, CSI offers a full range of capabilities: strategic planning to determine options to best provide power, minimize consumption and create required redundancy; designing data center electrical systems to be as efficient as possible; applying green and alternative energy solutions to reduce consumption and carbon footprint and ensuring ample capacity while maintaining compliance with a growing amount of regulations.

In addition to mission critical services, CSI Electrical Contractors’ San Jose office will be providing their award-winning electrical engineering, pre-fabrication, technology and alternative energy services to the greater Silicon Valley area and across Northern California.